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Downtown Charlotte, NC Skyline
Asheville, NC was founded in 1784. It is nestled in the Swannanoa Valley. By 1790, the area had 1,000 non-native residents. Commerce slowly gained strength, thanks to the Richmond and Danville Railroad Company (later the Southern Railway). By the 1890’s the city was home to many manufacturing plants producing wood & mica products. 

Sadly, Asheville was hard hit by the Great Depression. The city experienced a very slow recovery, which took decades. One positive result, however, is that many of the downtown area's stunning Art Deco buildings remained untouched at a time when most cities older buildings fell to wrecking balls in the name of Urban Renewal. This, coupled with Asheville’s current eclectic music and art scene, has resulted in Asheville becoming one of North Carolina’s hottest tourist destinations. The area is also attracting Millennial and Baby Boomer home buyers at an impressive rate.  

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