Winston-Salem, NC

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Downtown Winston Salem, NC Skyline
Winston Salem began as two separate towns; the towns of Winston, and Salem. Salem dates back to 1753, and was established in 1766. It was finally incorporated in 1856. Winston evolved from land sold by the Salem congregation in 1849, and was named after Revolutionary War hero, Joseph Winston. Although the US Post Office began referring to the two towns as Winston Salem as early as 1899, the towns did not formally merge to become the city of Winston-Salem until 1913.  

Winston Salem is the fourth largest city in North Carolina. Traditionally associated with the tobacco and textile industries, it is now becoming a leader in bio-tech fields. The growing industry and population has led to a steady increase in home prices, and in new home construction. 

National Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry can also be found in the Winston Salem area. With their own manufacturing facility, they have been able to meet the cabinetry needs of Winston Salem contractors and designers. They offer a wide array of semi-custom models, as well as accessories. Call today, or visit the showroom for more info! 

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